I'm focused on creating impactful solutions in the area of ​​electric mobility.
For more than a decade I have honed my skills in electric two wheeler design. Most notably I was Chief Designer and Co-Founder of NIU Technologies and responsible for the highly successful products N1 and M1. Most recently I've designed products for well known clients such as KTM. Husqvarna, Bajaj, Yadea and Lime. I also enjoy helping up-coming Startups improve their success by creating engaging and unique designs. Some of the recent startups I have helped are Dance and Nimbus. 
Founder and Chief Designer | JOE NELSON STUDIO
Mar 2021 – Present
Helping start-ups and established companies to design, develop and produce their e-mobility visions.

Senior designer | KISKA
Mar 2017 – May 2021
Member of the e-mobility design team. Specialist in creating e-mobility products for both shared and retail use cases. Primarily focused on working with Asia based clients in creating impactful solutions for commuting and leisure.

Chief Designer & Co-Founder | NIU TECHNOLOGIES
Sep 2014 – Mar 2017 
Chief Designer on the N1 and M1 E-scooters. Both successfully launched in two years. Currently sold over 900,000 units combined worldwide. By creating a strong product design language and integrated smart features NIU revolutionized the e-scooter industry in China and is now doing the same globally.

Industrial designer | WILDDESIGN
Jan 2013 – Sep 2014
Designed products for industries ranging from automotive to healthcare. Managed projects and worked face to face with clients.

Bachelor of Design | Massey University
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